Established in 1950, John Guest is a leading supplier of plumbing accessories in the UK & Europe. Speedfit Technology is built into the DNA of all the push-fit fittings. Its unique flexibility lies within its broad range of application, high reliability of performance, longevity of service and suitability to a wide variety of industries. This core technology behind the fittings is the same concept incorporated in industries as diverse as plumbing, drinks dispense, pneumatics, compressed air, water purification, drinks vending and telecommunications. This adaptability is why John Guest manufactures more Push-fit fittings than anybody else in the world with literally billions in use, right now, around the world. It is this commitment to quality that has led to John Guest receiving prestigious awards from many of the world’s leading testing and approvals organizations.

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    Hammam Glass Door

    As low as AED 500 was AED 5,920
    In Stock
  2. Aquaflex Hose Stainless Steel 80 cm

    AED 45
    In Stock
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    Cube Extended Bath Screen

    Special Price AED 300 was AED 870
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    Cube Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

    Special Price AED 125 was AED 357
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    BagnoDesign Inset Bath Tub

    Special Price AED 464 was AED 1,323
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    IX304 Double Integrater Sink

    Special Price AED 650 was AED 1,859
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    Special Price AED 136 was AED 389
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    Head Rest 270 x 130 mm

    Special Price AED 130 was AED 373
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    ASI Wall Mounted Towel Ring

    Special Price AED 25 was AED 63
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    Head Rest 300 x 140 mm

    Special Price AED 119 was AED 341
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    Bambu Round Countertop Wash Basin

    Special Price AED 87 was AED 1,738
    In Stock
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142 Products found

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